Online auction

Take your chance to buy the showjumper of your dreams!

We offer a discrete and silent online auction with sealed bids.
This means the bids and the identity of the bidders are not public. 
So you don't see the bids of the other bidders or the current highest bid.
The bidder with the highest bid at the end of the auction will win the auction.
The auction is started and will end at different times as indicated on the page of the horse.
Good luck! We hope you may become the owner of a talented new horse.


1 - Jadorado vd Bremboshoeve
°2009 - gelding - 1.72m - BWP
Adorado x Palestro vd Begijnakker x Lido Minotière
Current level: CSI 1.50m
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2 - Londen vd Breemeersen ​​​​​​​
°2011 - gelding - 1.70m - BWP
Crescendo x Adorado x Gottwald
Current level: CSI 1.30m
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3 - Navaronne RR​​​​​​​
°2012 - gelding - 1.73m - Holstein
Nabab de Reve x Calando I x Maximus
Current level: CSI 1.30m
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4 - Impazitto Uno​​​​​​​ - SOLD to Belgium
°2008 - gelding - 1.66m - BWP
Numero Uno x Wanderbush x Gottwald
Current level: CSI 1.30m
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5 - Miss Catalunya​​​​​​​
°2012 - mare - 1.66m - BWP
Adorado x Corrado I x Joost
Current level: training courses 1.20m
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6 - Sebastian ​​​​​​​
°2016 - gelding - 1.67m - Z
Solid Gold x Cumano x Carthago
Current level: training courses 4yo horses
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7 - Natan​​​​​​​
°2013 - gelding - 1.75m - BWP
Crescendo x Escuro x Flemmingh 
Current level: training courses 1.10m
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8 - Octivio ​​​​​​​(hunter/jumper) - SOLD to US
°2014 - gelding - 1.72m - BWP
Equistro x Gottwald x Jiloi
Current level: training courses 1m
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9 - Qualifight vd Breemeersen​​​​​​​
°2016 - gelding - 1.69m - BWP
Jericho vd Maltahoeve x Gottwald x Goldfish de Lauzelle
Current level: training courses 1m
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10 - Quatro
°2016 - gelding - 1.70m - BWP
Crescendo x Nonstop x Brownboy
Current level: training courses 1m
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11 - Trodon vd Breemeersen​​​​​​​
°2019 - stallion - BWP
Cornet Star x Gottwald x Goldfish de Lauzelle
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12 - Tycho vd Breemeersen
°2019 - stallion - BWP
Cornet Star x As Di Villagana x Argentan I
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13 - Thorgal vd Breemeersen​​​​​​​
°2019 - stallion - BWP
Cornet Star x Connor x Capitol I
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14 - Tropical Sun light
°2019 - stallion - BWP
Adorado x Landwind x Lou Paradou xx
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15 - Ufo vd Breemeersen​​​​​​​
°2020 - stallion - BWP
Cornet Star x Crescendo x Adorado 
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16 - Utah vd Breemeersen
°2019 - mare - BWP
Cornet Star x Connor x Calido I
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Every year we will organise several auctions with a selection of talented showjumpers, hunters and equitation horses.
As all horses are trained by the Breemeersen team we can give you the correct information about the auction horses.

​​​​​​​Riding the auction horses
We sell a lot of horses by video but people who want to ride the horses before making their bids can always make an appointment.

After-sales service
Do you need help with the import or the training of your horse?
We like to offer you some help and advice. 

The horses can also be bought as an investment and stay in training by the Breemeersen team.
We have the knowledge to bring young horses up to a high international level and make their value increase.

Covid-19 service
Horses who can't be imported due to the covid-19 virus can stay at the Breemeersen till import is possible. 

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